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  1.  write a discussion board post that identifies which resource you’re writing about, and then explain how it echoes, emphasizes, or disputes at least three ideas from anywhere in Module 2. Your post should be 300+ words in length, and should compare at least three ideas from the resource to ideas from Module 2. You can discuss how the resource agrees with, supports, adds to, disagrees with, disputes, or introduces something new.
  2. After posting your response, respond thoughtfully to at least two of your classmates to complete this assignment. 

Choose at least two of the discussion board entries made by other students in the class and reply to their statement with 200+ words in length. Share your thoughts with them about their ideas. When replying, think of questions like:

  • Why do you agree or disagree with their perspective?
  • What do you think is important about what they’ve offered to the discussion board for this topic?
  • What did they say that resonated with you or your experience and why?
  • Keep in mind that a simple response of “I agree” or “I disagree” without a thorough explanation is insufficient and may result in no credit given for those entries.
  • Instead, respond as you would if you were having an academic conversation with a fellow classmate in real-time (this would mean politely, of course.) Failure to follow the rule for polite discourse may also result in a zero on your own discussion board assignment. 

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