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 Workplace Corruption in Corrections 

Correctional employees have are exposed to individuals on a frequent basis that consider deviance a normal way of life. Over time this exposure can have a negative influence if not properly managed by correctional agencies.

In your initial post, discuss the increased risk of workplace corruption among correctional employees. As part of your response identify some examples of temptations correctional employees face which could lead to workplace corruption. Conclude your response by identifying measures correctional agencies can implement to reduce the threat of workplace corruption.

In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the measures for reducing the threat of workplace corruption within correctional agencies identified by the classmate. If you agree with the classmates recommended approaches, expand upon the points they made concerning why these approaches would effectively reduce workplace corruption. If you disagree, respectfully highlight the reasons why you believe these approaches would not be effective.

Initial posts must be a minimum of 500 words not counting the repeating of the question or reference list, and incorporate material from at least two (2) cited sources. At least two (2) response posts to peers with a minimum of 250 words are required.

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