Week 10 presentation | Management homework help


After you have viewed the videos available in the Week 10 lecture, please address the following:

1. Can you name a few tips you picked up from this week’s videos?

2. Audience is key to any presentation or public speaking situation. How would you go about taking an inventory of your audience before presenting? What are some examples of ways to retrieve information about an audience before a presentation?

3. Have you ever seen a speaker make an error when analyzing the audience or context? How did it affect the presentation?

4. How do you typically go about gathering research? Is your method effective? Is it thorough? How could it be improved?

5. Think about someone whom you find to be an excellent speaker. It could be a person from history or a public figure. What makes this speaker excellent? How does he or she structure introductions and conclusions? Does he or she give attention to language and/or supporting aids? Are his or her speeches memorable? Why?

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