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There are two video links and you have to answer each question related to each video (5 questions each video = 10 questions)

Video links pertaining to Case #1  (4 links for the first Case):




Questions related to this case:

1)  Based on the video case history, what factors do you think have contributed to making Oreo the #1 cookie in the world? What has the brand been doing to appeal to consumers across different cultures? 

2)  Describe some of the ways that Oreo cookies are promoted in different countries based on the video case. 

3)  Describe how, and explain why Oreo cookies are co-branded with different brands from their brand portfolio across the globe according to the video case. 

4)  Describe the packaging ‘adjustments’ that have been implemented for Oreos in different markets and the reasons for these modifications according to the video case. 

5)  Please post your comments/ reactions to the Chinese Oreo Cookie slide presentation. 

Video links pertaining to Case #2  (Only 1 video link for the second Case):


Questions related to this case:

1)  Based on the information provided in the video case, how would you describe the “MINI Mindset” and the characteristics of the target market as determined by the MINI USA marketing team? 

2)  Describe how the “Make Waiting Fun” concept worked for MINI in a market where consumers are not well-disposed to waiting for anything. 

3)  Describe the “MINI Motoring Concept” and the role for the “MINI Motoring Advisors” as developed by MINI to differentiate the brand. What do you think about this approach? 

4)  The company took an unconventional approach to promoting the brand through advertising and PR using a fun and unique promotional campaign. Please describe the launch campaign and its elements, and provide your opinion. 

5)  Describe the role that marketing research played in the development of the communications strategy and the launch of MINI in the USA. 

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