The monkey and the monk (journey to the west)

This is a ′secondary source response′ reflecting on the arguments put forward in a chapter excerpt ″Transcendence of Emptiness″ (see attachments) regarding the novel The Monkey and the Monk (Journey to the West). This is an informal paper, but it should address the following points clearly and in detail. 1) Summarize the argument: How does the author interpret the novel? What are the main points of the article? This should be an overview, like a ″book report″ on the article. 2) Do you find this interpretation convincing, unconvincing, or partially convincing? 3) How well does the argument put forth in the article account for everything you′ve read in the novel? What evidence in the novel supports the points in the article? Is there evidence in the novel that undercuts or contradicts the argument? Give evidence/examples from the novel and your own analysis to support your view. 

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