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ELL Placement Assessments

Interview the ELL instructor that you observed teach, ELL coordinator, or district representative about how placement tests are used for ELLs. Your questions should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. What placement tests are used?
  2. Who conducts the tests?
  3. What method is used for ongoing classroom assessment?
  4. How is progress measured in the classroom setting?
  5. How is oral language assessed?
  6. How is standardized testing handled?
  7. How is exit testing completed in school/district.?

Write a 750-1,000-word essay based on the interview answers.

In addition, include a section discussing whether you believe that the exiting process and monitoring is sufficient.

Cite at least three sources that support your findings. 




WPAT Placement Test

2.       The ELL Teacher conducts the WPAT Placement test for placement of students in the program.

3.       A variety of Daily assessments are used, such as writing samples, journaling, speaking, reading, as well as a constant check on academic grades. An end of the year test is given: ACCESS Test

4.       In the ELL classroom, I use a variety of assessment tools to monitor my students progress. The teachers access their academic subjects using modified versions of reg assessment tools.

5.       Oral language is assessed through the trained ear of the ELL teacher.  We check for sent structure, pronunciation, fluency of oral speech, tone, and volume. We use passages, books, photos, and a number of tools to hear our students read. Social conversation is assessed as well.

6.       All ELL students must participate in standardized testing. Modifications and accommodations may be provided depending on the ELL’s proficiency level and special needs.

7.       Exist testing is called “reclassification” of students in DCS. ASSESS scores and MCT2 scores are used to determine eligibility.


Opinion: Exiting processes should include the ability to keep a student in the program if the student is struggling or isn’t acclimating to his/her surroundings. There needs to be a “human component” to the process. We do a good job with that in DCS. At any time, a parent can ask for a student to be reclassified back into the program.

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