Teaching net present value (npv) future value (fv)

You have been asked by a manager in your organization to put together a training program explaining Net Present Value (NPV) and Future Value (FV) and how they are used to evaluate the price of stock.  

Upon completing your Net Present Value (NPV) & Future Value (FV) Training Program, employees should be able to: 


  • Explain NPV and FV.


  • Describe the factors that are used in the NPV and the FV formulas.


  • Give an example of how to use the formulas for NPV and FV for a stock purchase.


  • Summarize the differences between the two formulas and the purpose of using each.


Develop a PowerPoint presentation that is 10 slides long (excluding title and reference slides) and covers each of the above topics.  In the slide notes, include your explanations for each topic. MUST format the presentation according to APA style.

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