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View all three parts of the Becoming a Teacher webinar: Exploring the Education FieldGaining Experience and Career Options in the Education Field, and Getting Certified as a Teacher. (link below) This must be a three-paragraph journal response of at least one page in length.  Although APA format is not required for a journal assignment, correct spelling and mechanics are expected.  In your response, please discuss the following:




Paragraph One:


  • What information provided by the webinar had the biggest impact on you personally?  Be specific in mentioning 2-3 points you took away from the presentation.


Paragraph Two:


  • What type of research do you need to do to become a certified teacher in the state in which you live?  
  • Visit your state’s Department of Education website and research your options.  
  • What points are still unclear?  
  • Where else might you look for more information?  


Paragraph Three:


  • What other specific next steps will you take on your journey to become a teacher?  Consider various types of volunteer work, informational interviews, etc. in your discussion.




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