seriously scholarly qualified tv commentator W r i t i n g

seriously scholarly qualified tv commentator W r i t i n g

The current immigration issue has long historical roots in American society. We are all immigrants (based on the Bering Strait theory). Some immigrants have been widely accepted by the U.S. or at worst accepted after a generation. Others have not. First, discuss YOUR roots as you know them (ask your father, mother, grandmother, grandfather)

After discussing your background respond to related questions. What is the common basis for American acceptance and what is common to non acceptance. Why were some groups accepted and others not? Why is the current issue such a hot topic and why is it often debated in Congress.. Homeland security is probably not a significant issue as there have been few indication s of security threats from the south. Nearly all orange alert related events have pointed to our NORTHERN border. Be logical and thoughtful and complete. Why do we focus on primarily (but not exclusively) on Latinos when we discuss immigration as our highest percentage increases in immigrants (many also illegal but certainly the ocean presented a significant physical barrier for such entry or their would have been far greater illegal entrance) historically came from Europe? Do not rely on the issue of legal and illegal status for though important, it is an issue that has always been present.

DO NOT USE THE PROXIMITY OF MEXICO , CENTRAL AMERICA AND SOUTH AMERICA AS PART OF YOUR ARGUMENTS NOR USE THE INCREASING NUMBERS OF LATINOS These ideas do play a role but they are far too simplistic. You need to think and develop more complete discussions.

Let me state once again. Do not use the issue of illegal or illegal as part of your discussion at all. The first settlers to American were ILLEGAL. ( That means the settlers at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock) Ask the Native Americans. They were not invited nor did they try to assimilate to the tribes in which they found themselves. They did not obey their “laws” either. I want you t reach beyond this every simple argument to other ideas. It simply does not adequately explain the passion or focus of many.

Let me also dispel some other “common sense myths”. Latino immigrants do pay taxes and they pay in far greater amounts (value) then other people (non immigrants) of similar income levels pay. . They receive social services (health, welfare) fairly equal in value or less than other groups in their income categories.. They have added enormous value to and even provided the foundation for the continued low pricing of agricultural products and also housing and business construction. Without this labor pool, it is fairly unanimously agreed that the prices of these goods and other services would be very high. (2-3 times higher). One of the major reasons that immigrants have increased in North America recently is due to NAFTA ( a Free trade agreement) which had destructive impact on Mexico and in some ways benefited United States more than any other participant.

It is true that the Heritage Foundation ( a very conservative think tank) and Lou Dobbs a likeable but not seriously SCHOLARLY qualified TV commentator) would support these “myths” but the overwhelming body of research and studies conducted by very reputable research organizations does not support these “myths”. They are just that- myths. So reach beyond those ideas also when discussing this issue.

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