“ role ” throughout H u m a n i t i e s

“ role ” throughout H u m a n i t i e s

First classmate, Liana

After reading your introduction, I cannot say that I found a solid thesis. There are great pieces to your introduction, but nothing specifically stating what I will be looking for as I read through this paper. The introduction does not really give me a good sense of where this paper is going. Make sure to solidify that a little more. While you do give a summary, it seems to be a summary for someone that has already read it. Make sure to make it more universally understandable. As I am reading through it, I am noticing a few things; the first is that you are using some more sophisticated words, which is great, but make sure they actually fit correctly when going through it. Also, at one point, you state that the narrator is unconscious, which I am not sure that is ever true, I would go back and check on that. I would say that you do analyze pretty well. The biggest suggestion I would have in this area is to cut down maybe what you are analyzing and dive deeper into a few. It just seemed like there were a lot of short paragraphs when there could be solid paragraphs over fewer things. I would take another look at your citations; the in-text citations aren’t quite correct; neither is the citations page. They do not need to be numbered. I would also look at the positioning of your page numbers. It should be in the top right-hand corner, and your last name should be with it. It flows pretty well, but as I stated, maybe dive deeper into fewer things. You have a good start; I would maybe write an outline and tweak a few things and dive deeper.

Second classmate,

I don’t see a defined thesis in your paper, but I do see topics about women and their “role” throughout the text. Make sure to take these perceptions and interpretations and include them in your thesis. I think you did a great job on summarizing and analyzing the text. You went into great detail about specific circumstances and how you interpreted them. I do think you should go into more of an analysis about the yellow wallpaper, as it is more analyzed in your last paragraph. From my previous writing experience, I don’t think your supposed to introduce new information in the last paragraph, but don’t quote me on that. Don’t forget to include these interpretations in your thesis to bring the paper together. I think you need a hanging indent in your works cited page for it to be MLA cited correctly. (You can do this using the ruler). The paper has a smooth flow, as you summarize the paper and the analysis as the storyline of the paper. Good job on citing any references to the text and citing where you received your interpretations of the text. I do think you did a really good job on explaining your interpretations. Overall, good analysis of the text “ The Yellow Wallpaper”.

Can you correct my paper plz

Also, I attached here my classmates documents. They are put it what is the mistake.

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