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The research project is a research-based paper on a Emerging Technologies topic.  Pick ONLY ONE of the two topics listed below.Topic 1. Many new clean tech ventures have relied on funding and partnership from established corporations. Select a recently funded clean tech venture with corporate venture involvement. Did the funding impact the structure of the new venture? What does the new venture expect to gain from the backing by the larger corporation? What does the larger corporation expect to gain from being involved in the new venture?Topic 2. Describe and contrast the operational challenges faced by the following startups: (a) consumer Web services startup, (b) iPhone application company, and (c) electronic device company.After you choose your topic, prepare an outline.Provide the following for this assignment:

  • The general structure or outline of your proposed paper. 
  • Provide 2-3 references in APA style. 

Your instructor will provide feedback. The final paper is due in Module 7. Your assignment this week is to provide an outline or the general structure of your proposed paper and should be 2 to 3 pages double spaced.

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