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Reporting/Trends Information (Essay): It must be 3-4 pages long, make use of MLA-style format, and include 2-3 researched sources. The subject should be about a current trend.






Science/technology: Astronomy, Anthropology, Medicine, Materials, electronics, agriculture, architecture, etc


      Lifestyle: fashion, consumer products, housing, food, farmers’ markets


      Employment, work styles, telecommuting, full-time vs. part-time, unemployment


      Education: reforms, testing, gender/race/age, fields of study, community colleges, etc                    




    Societal: County, State, Region, Country, World, Universe; demographics (gender/race/age)


       Government, laws, policy, military, assistance programs, etc


       Geo-politics – wars, trade, international completion


Your three topics:


·         Specific  topic #1


·         Specific topic #2


·         Specific topic #3


Write a paragraph or two about the trend for each proposed topic. Some questions you might briefly address. You might not cover all of these in this proposal, but you will want to think about them for the essay:


·         Why is the trend happening (reasons)


·         Whom does it affect?  (consequences)


·         Where does your trend occur?


·         When did it start, or over what time frame are you looking at the trend?


·         What exactly is the trend?




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