Reflection paper for (mgmt 3000)

Reflection paper guidelines:

The reflection paper will be 2-3 pages, double spaced, 12pt font with 1” margins and will consist of at least 5 paragraphs as follows: You have to put the answer of these five questions here. You will see some information about my advisor and you will see some information about me and I put some information about what we talked in the meeting.


1- Introduction – Define your current academic and career plan and the background of your advisor.

2- What did you learn from your advisor?
3- How did this support or contradict your view of your current academic and career plan?
4- How did this change your perception of your current academic and career plan?
5- Conclusion – Define your revised academic and career plan upon reflection of the insights gained and provide feedback of the overall experience.
Use the Interview a Professional document to complete your reflection paper.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Best regards,
BPA Outreach

Mr. Bart Hill
Hill has been a banker in Bakersfield for 35 years and has worked for Bank of America, San Joaquin Bank and United Security Bank.  He was President of San Joaquin Bank for 22 years and is currently Vice President and Area Manager for United Security Bank in charge of Kern County.  He graduated with honors in Economics from UC Santa Barbara and earned a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics from UC Davis.  He is past President of the following organizations: Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Downtown Business Association, Board of Trade, Symphony and Tree Foundation. 



This information about me and what I talked in the meeting.


I am international student in CSUB, and I am from east area in  Saudi Arabia. My city name is Saihat in Saudi Arabia, I studied in high school, Dammam College, Butte College in Chico CA, and I am student in CSUB right now. I talked with my advisor in the meeting about some information. He told me about his self and he told me about her daughter. He told me she learn to speak spanish language. He told me I have to make communication with people. In addition, he told me to put good development plan to me, and he told me maybe I will work in the bank in future. Moreover, he asked me one question about if I will work in U.S.A or I will go to my country after I will graduate from CSUB. I told him I do not what my god will write to me. Moreover, I told him about my Islamic religion, and I accept my Islamic religion. I told him I will accept everything my god will write to me. If I will be poor or rich person. Moreover, I told him I sent my high school and my diploma certificate to the minstry in Saudi Arabia because I want to work in the minstry. I have been waiting 10 to 13 years, but I still without job. I went to one company in Saudi Arabia when I was student in Dammam College and I worked three days after that they told me they did not want me. My graded was very bad in the first semester in Dammam College, but after that I took excellent, and very good score all the time in Dammam College. In addition, he asked me about why my score went up and down when I was student in my country. I told him about some circumstances that made my grade went down because my grandfather and my brother died in next year. He told me to say all the time I can do it and he told me I talk very good, because I came to U.S.A without English Language, but I have been coming from 2010 and my language is not good because I did not talk with people. He asked me if I wrote some essay in the past. I told him yes I did that and I went to center of academic success to see the writing tutor many times in Butte College. The meeting was very helpful and good, and I feel comfortable when I talk about my self and I like to be honest with people. The meeting was one hour with Bart Hill, and he is good person and smart person.



I hope this email finds you well. Below you will find details in regards to your Career Advising session.



For Career Advising:

Please arrive at the Dezember Leadership Center and Check-in at the table located in the lobby. At Check-in you will:
•       Sign your Career Advising Agreement
•       Be assigned a room where you will meet with your advisor

Please find the details of your Career Advising session below:
•      Your appointment for Career Advising is: Thursday, September 15 at 10am

•       You have been assigned: Bart Hill- resume and/or bio attached.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your session.

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