Preceptor paragraph | Nursing homework help

 The following item(s) require your attention immediately before your application can be further processed:

  • Why this application is being returned to you for further work:We currently need additional information regarding your nominated preceptor before we are able to determine if this preceptor meets the course requirements.  Upon review of your application, this preceptor provides care for the adult population.  This course requires:
    Requirements: 160 hours; minimum 80 encounters. Must be in practicum setting minimum of 8 weeks. For this course, a minimum of 80 hours and a minimum 40 encounters for adult/older adults and a minimum of 80 hours and a minimum 40 encounters for children/adolescents to equal total 160 hours and 80 encounters/quarter (no exceptions).  We need clarification if you will be able to obtain these practicum requirements with this preceptor.   
  • What is recommended for further action:If this nominated preceptor will be able to provide you the required practicum experiences for the course, please update your application by providing additional information in the “Preceptor and Field Site Information” section of the application to explain how this preceptor will provide you with the above-mentioned practicum requirements.   Once you have updated your application, please resubmit your application in Meditrek.  

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