Please read the required carefully,before agree

this is the required:



1.  Drive-by compliment:  Give out a drive-by compliment.  Write a short report (1page) and describe:

  • Background (what was the situation that prompted the compliment)
  • What you said to them (hint — look up the proper way to punctuate quotations)
  • How they reacted
  • What the impact was later on

2.  Research assignment:  read and follow the instructions in the attached pdf document named research assign F14.pdf.(one page0

Note — both assignments are due at the beginning of class.  Please print them both and bring them to class.  Remember, late papers will not be accepted.

2nd Note — the first attachment (After course handout F14.pdf) is a quick summary of the information we discussed in class on Sept. 6 as well as a little more info on the 16 individual personality styles.




2 pages

APA Style

needed after 10 h



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