Perosnal firness u8 | Biology homework help

  1. Discuss some of the dangers and obstacles that Nyad faced when swimming from Cuba to Florida.
  2. Consider how Nyad physically and mentally trained for her endeavor. Which of these training and conditioning exercises—those designed to increase her physical endurance or those intended to get her through mentally—do you believe helped her the most and why?
  3. What does Nyad mean when she describes swimming as ‘a sport that is sort of a microcosm of life itself’?
  4. Describe Nyad’s experience when she encounters the box jellyfish during the first night.
  5. Nyad quotes poet Mary Oliver at the end of her talk by saying, “So what is it, what is it you’re doing, with this one wild and precious life of yours?” How would you answer that question? Describe what an extreme dream is and if you have any. How would you work to achieve your dreams—extreme or not? Explain your answer.
  6. Since the filming of this Ted Talk in 2011, Diana Nyad has, in fact, successfully completed the swim from Cuba to Florida. To what do you attribute her eventual success? How would you assess the effectiveness of her training knowing that she did complete the swim?

  1. How would you describe the movement in this video? Is it simple or complex? Do you feel it enhances or takes away from the information being presented?
  2. Explain the different ways that movement is discussed, in terms of the scientific information being given, during Bohannon’s talk.
  3. What does Bohannon propose we do to save the billions of dollars spent each year on Power Point presentations that merely “create the illusion of understanding”? Do you think this is a realistic idea? Why or why not?
  4. Consider a presentation that would usually utilize Power Point to help impart information and enhance the message. Now, describe how dance and movement could be used in place of Power Point to give this presentation the greatest impact.

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