Paper 3 should be 750-1000 words in length. it will be an expository

20% Other instructions
Follow the other instructions in this document and on the syllabus.

In addition to your grade, which will be based on the above criteria, I will also complete a standard rubric that is associated with the paper on LiveText. The marks on the rubric will be approximate and will not directly affect your grade, but are meant to give you a rough sense of how you are doing in various areas of the writing process. When I complete the rubric, I will focus on the general categories on the left side of the rubric, rather than the small text in each box. (The row for “content area” will relate to the factual information you present in the paper and the row for “writing strategy” will relate to your organization of the paper around three main points that present Patels views on your chosen topic.)

<><><><><><><><><><><><> Here are examples showing how to cite Acts of Faith using APA style:

Physical print book

In-text citations

(Patel, 2007/2010, p. 70) References page entry

Patel, E. (2010). Acts of faith: The story of an American Muslim, the struggle for the soul of a generation. Boston: Beacon Press. (Original work published 2007)

Electronic book

In-text citations Since eBooks do not have standard page numbers, just indicate the chapter for each citation. For more detailed scholarly work you would also be required to also cite by paragraph, but I will not require that for this paper.

(Patel, 2007/2010, chapter 4)

References page entry Here, I give the iBook version as an example. If you accessed the book in a different format (such as Kindle), you should adjust the appropriate fields.

Patel, E. (2010). Acts of faith: The story of an American Muslim, the struggle for the soul of a generation [iBook version]. Retrieved from iBooks. (Original work published 2007) 

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