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Part 1:  Question One:   Find an article, court case or video (on U Tube) or other source on a  breach of contract.  Post a link to the article, court case or video.   Post a brief summary of the article, court case or video.  Question Two:  There is a specific requirement that web page merchants (Amazon, Barnes  and Noble, Apple Store) must follow in order to incorporate the terms of  their contract in order to have those terms enforceable (part of the  contract).  What does the web page seller have to do in order to incorporate the  terms of the agreement? Give an example with a link to a web page that follows this procedure.  What do you think would happen if the merchant did not follow the  procedure?  Why?  Part 2  1.  In this unit we covered both common law contracts that cover events  like I sell you my car (I am not in the car business) and when merchants  (UCC) enter into contracts.  Why do you think the UCC is or is not  important to merchants in order to effectively do business.  Be sure to  give examples.  2.  What ethical considerations do you have when in a contractual  relationship?

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