Need Help With An Ideal Proposal For Assignment I Do Not Have Any Idea On What T

Need help with an ideal proposal for assignment.  I do not have any idea on what to write on. Can someone provide help? 


The topic for your final project is up to you to decide, although the instructor must approve all topic proposals. You will select a current “silo” process in either your work or personal life. In other words, the process you select must have noticeable inefficiencies in the process, due primarily to a lack of integrated information throughout the process. If selecting a process in your work, be sure to get your employer’s approval. Once you identify an appropriate process, provide the following documentation to complete the deliverable for this milestone:

  1. In a section entitled, “Current Process”, write a 4 to 5 page description of your AS-IS process, similar in nature to the AS-IS process description provided in the Modeling Exercise 1 instructions document.

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