Need Answers To Questions On Case Study Recruitment And Selection In A Global Or

Need answers to questions on Case Study: Recruitment and Selection in a Global Organization

1.    What guidelines would you establish as part of Rudiger’s plan that emphasize the use of the Internet via the company’s website to communicate the recruiting objectives of the talent management project?

       What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of online recruitment to communicate recruiting objectives?

2. What guidelines would you establish for the use of an HRIS for the selection and assessment of potential employees?

      a.  What selection and assessment tools could be used on the Internet, and which ones would need to be done on a face-to-face basis?

      b.  What are the technological problems that affect selection via the Internet and the solutions that have been suggested?

       c. What guidelines would you develop to make sure that a utility analysis was done for all HRIS selection applications?

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