Ndc 0777 0869 02 100 Pulvules No 402 Wv 3473 Dpx Keflex Alent To 250 Mg 5 08 01

Order: Cephalexin 0.5 g, PO, q6h. Using the following drug label, how many milligrams equal 0.5 g?

NDC 0777-0869-02100 PULVULES" No. 402WV 3473 DPXKEFLEXalent to 250 mg(5.08 01 .91) 3.98 01 .69a Subsidiary of Eli Lilly ayouend ‘sugosey"spodeuelpulCEPHALEXINDISTA PRODUCTS COhibits dispensing without prescription.Manufactured byCAUTION-Federal (U.S.A.) law pro-uivaStore at Controlled Room TemperatureKeep Tightly ClosedCAPSULES, USPEach PULVULE contains CephalexinUsual Adult Dose-One PULVULE every 6hours, For more severe infections, dosemay be increased, not to exceed 4 g a day.3 0777 "0869 02 9s. IN. U.S.A.Dispense in a tight container.06900 0018 0Expiration Date/Control No.I ‘souisnpu250 mgand CompanyMonohydrate equSee literature.Cephalexin.POISTA

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