Name Company Id Company Comparison And Evaluation 1 Using The Ratios Provided In

NameCompany IDCompany Comparison and Evaluation 1. Using the ratios provided in the file “RatioCalculations” calculate the ratios for Eastvaco. If you are unable to find sufficient data for any given area you must state so.2. Go to the following URL: This will take you to the 10Ks for Meadwestvaco. Use the 10K ending 12/31/2007. Compare the results from requirement 1 and compare Eastvaco with Meadwestvaco. Which company would you consider to be the most financially viable and why?3. Compare the ratios you calculated for Eastvaco with industry averages and write a short memo discussing your evaluation. Your memo should be organized and well written.Note: Use the file “Ratio Worksheet” to calculate the ratios.

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