motor development related article concerning physical therapy W r i t i n g

motor development related article concerning physical therapy W r i t i n g

Your paper will be an analysis and personal reflection on health and wellness. You must draw from topics we have covered in our text, discussions, and 2 peer-reviewed articles that you have to research for this paper.

Remember, this project should be on something you want to become within the kinesiology field, or have a major interest in.

Paper format: Your paper should be formatted like the example I give you below. You must use APA formatting for this paper. Your paper will start with a cover page. Titles must be centered and bolded, double space, 12 point font, and Times New Roman must be used. APA will tell you not to write “Introduction” as a title, however, I want you to. Furthermore, APA will also tell you to write an abstract. No abstract is needed for this paper. Below is an example of what your should look like.


This paragraph tells your audience what they are getting themselves into, why it is interesting to you, and why they should take an interest in it. Your major topic will be introduced here, as well as the area you want to go into. You may even have a specific job or profession in mind as well. The introduction should not be too wordy; however, it should be long enough to give the observer a great picture of where you are going.

Review of Literature

The next part of your paper will serve an important function, not only to bolster your own personal knowledge about your topic of interest, but also to prepare you for graduate school, lab reports, or future research papers. As the title suggests, this part of your paper should review your topic with your specific peer-reviewed articles. Here, you will introduce 2 different research related articles that you have found within your specific topic area. Tell me why they researched that topic and why it may be important to your specific area. For exampl, if you have an interest in Physical Therapy you might choose a biomechanics or motor development related article concerning physical therapy as it pertains to this specific topic area. These articles can give information about what physical therapy is, what it is used for, and how biomechanics and or motor development fits into this specific profession.


This part of your paper should synthesize the information from the above review of literature and your textbook to give direction and meaning to the paper. Meaning, this portion of the paper is where you state why you want to do what you are researching and writing about and how what you found has impacted your thoughts on this subject. Literally, this paragraph will mesh what you want to do with what you have learned about the topic within class and through your research.


This part of the paper should tie everything back together again. The conclusion makes points you stated in your introduction and backed up or strengthened in your review of literature and application parts of your paper.

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