mla 8 works cited page H u m a n i t i e s

mla 8 works cited page H u m a n i t i e s

In fulfillment of the general education outcomes of this class (effective communication, critical thinking, and self-development), I would normally ask you to attend a cultural event of your choice and write a critique about the experience. Due to the Corona virus pandemic, these are not normal times and community gatherings are hard to find and ill-advised to attend. Consequently, I have modified this assignment to keep it safe and convenient for you. Here are the specifics:

What is considered a cultural event? For this assignment, a cultural event is defined as an online dramatic program (play), a musical or dance performance, a lecture (any topic), or a foreign language or documentary film. Topic choice is at your discretion, but this must be an event you experience for THIS assignment—not an event you watched in the past (you are on your honor here). Please ask if you have a question about whether or not a particular event is appropriate for this assignment.

What is a critique? The word critique in this context means an essay that describes, reviews, and critically analyzes the event.

How do I get started? Look for events online that sound interesting to you and that you think you could critique. Several websites and streaming services offer appropriate content for free or a small fee: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO, YouTube,,, etc. I highly recommend Kanopy. Kanopy is a free on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and universities that offers thousands of films and documentaries. You have access to Kanopy through the HGTC Library (the link is on their home page). Watch the event from start to finish, give it your full attention, and take notes (see questions below).

What is involved in completing the critique? After watching, write a two-page minimum critique (NOT including the Works Cited page) that introduces, summarizes, and analyzes the event:

  • Introduce the event: Give the title, type of event, and artist/performers/speakers/directors name(s), the date and time you viewed the event, its intended audience and purpose.
  • Briefly summarize the event: Your one paragraph summary should be sufficient to describe the event and its main points for a reader who has not experienced it.
  • Analyze the event: Discuss your overall impression (What did you enjoy the most AND least about the content and why?) Then discuss how your education was enriched by having experienced the event (What did you learn about the subject matter? How does the event relate to your understanding of the topic and themes presented? How might you use this newly acquired knowledge in your real life?) Provide detailed evidence about your experience of the event to support your points. Don’t forget to explain how the evidence you’ve selected supports your claims. Cite source material as needed to avoid plagiarism.
  • Conclude your critique with a recommendation based on your analysis. Overall was the event worthwhile? Would you recommend this event to a friend? Why/why not?
  • Add an MLA 8 Works Cited page with an entry for the event.
  • Use ALL the Standards for Written Work to format your essay.

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