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This discussion focuses on the competency “Apply positive behavior guidance techniques for young children ages birth – 8 years” and the transferable skills of communication, ethics and professional responsibility, and critical thinking. Keep in mind the issues and topics discussed. Consider what you believe about them and what you want to learn more about still as you complete each discussion. You are encouraged to revisit the discussions to reflect on your growth and learning through the coursework to complete your Philosophy of Teaching Statement.

For this discussion, you will be using the following scenario: Kara, a four-year-old in a preschool program, is getting dressed to go outside with the other children in her group to play in the snow. Kara starts to put on her boots, but her foot gets stuck in the wrong boot, and she begins to bang it on the floor while shouting unintelligible sounds and grunting. She stands up, begins to stamp her boot on the floor, and the boot flies off her foot, hitting a girl who is sitting nearby. Kara grabs her other boot and throws it against the cubby while screaming, “I can’t get it on!” The girl sitting nearby picks up Kara’s boot and offers to help Kara put it on. Kara looks at the girl, scrunches her face, and says, “NO!” Kara turns her back to the girl and crosses her arms. The girl goes back to putting on her own boots.


In your initial post:

  • Think of everything you know about using positive guidance when supporting children with their behaviors.
  • What advice could you give Kara’s educator for supporting Kara and her behavior/feelings?
  • What would the educator need to know about a 4-year-old’s development to guide her behavior?
  • Now, think of a similar situation from your own experience.
  • How did it turn out?
  • What could you have done differently knowing what you know now about guiding children’s behavior and child development?


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