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Learning Activities 1
After reading the chapters and then reviewing the power point course shell, please complete the following learning activities.  As a reminder, all papers need a title page and pertinent references which are expected to support your written work.  Please upload your response to the drop box. You must respond to each of the three learning activities noted below in no more than 4 pages of content excluding title and reference pages.

Learning Activity I:  Chapter 11-Infancy and Toddlerhood

Please refer to Case 11.3-Overprotecting Henry

This chapter discusses stage theories of both Piaget in terms of Cognitive Development and Erickson in terms of Psychosocial Development.   Based on a review of this case:

1- how might the trauma, grief and loss experiences of the family, impact upon the child, Henry, successfully navigating any of these stages and

 2-discuss how trauma, grief and loss impact the mother’s ability to successfully parent Henry.  Include in your discussion the risks to healthy infant and toddler development that are outlined at the end of the chapter. 

Learning Activity 2:  Early Childhood

Please provide a summary of the key points outlined in this chapter.

Learning Activity 3:  Middle Childhood

Compare and contrast the risk and protective factors present for Anthony Bryant, Brianna Shaw and Manuel Vega (case studies at the beginning of the chapter).  Provide at least two multilevel interventions you would consider if you were working with each child.  Again, please describe interventions based on the literature. 

i will upload all the documents and the PowerPoint for this course

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