Im Having Some Trouble With Using The Setcookie Userdata Data Null Null True Fun

Im having some Trouble With using the setcookie(“userdata”,$data,’/’,null,null,true); function for my two PHP codes. I am aware they should go before the html body But i just dont know where to set them. To explain more, I have a project In which i have to check OWASP vulnerabilities using ZAP (Zed attack Proxy). Every time i run a scan the alerts i get are “Cookie No HttpOnly Flag” i am trying to fix this alert. I know that i have to set the HTTPOnly flag in the HTTP.conf (Im using Apache webserver) but the application will not run properly if i set the HTTPOnly flag, That is why my other option is to use setcookie() .

these are the two codes i have.

First one : authcheck.php


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