Ill Xfinity Mobile Lte 6 56 Pm 9 2 Reader View Available C Case 6 Barbara Hastin

1. Will Ellen recover the $500,000 in insurance proceeds? 

2. Is it ethical for an insurance company to deny a claim on the basis of a “technicality?”

"Ill Xfinity Mobile LTE6: 56 PM9 2% Reader View Available*CCase # 6Barbara Hastings has no children of her own , but she doeshave a beloved niece named Ellen Laughridge . Attentive tothe future financial needs of Ellen , Barbara secures a$500 , 000 life insurance contract from Chameleon Insurance*Company , listing Ellen as the sole beneficiary . Barbara hasevery intention to inform Ellen of her new life insurancepolicy , but " life gets in the way ," and she neglects to do so .Hastings dies on January 15 , 2005. As part of her estatedistribution , Ellen receives a chest- of – drawers from her dearaunt . On August 29 , 2007 , while rearranging her clothing inthe chest – of – drawers , Ellen comes upon a secretcompartment . In the secret compartment is an original copyof the life insurance contract . Ellen is overjoyed to see hername listed as beneficiary , and she contacts ChameleonInsurance Company immediately .Upon review of the policy , Chameleon denies coverage .Chameleon’s claims representative points to Section 15 ( b ) ofthe policy , which specifically requires notification of theinsured’s death no later than one year after death . It hasbeen over two years and seven months since BarbaraHastings died .1 . Will Ellen recover the $500, 000 in insurance proceeds ?"2 . Is it ethical for an insurance company to deny a claimon the basis of a " technicality ? "

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