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I really need help getting this assignment done. Mostly the ERD. 


The results of your systems analysis and design work in this class will be documented in a Final System Report.  The purpose of the Report is to inform management of your system proposal and gain approval to proceed with the project.  The Report will be developed and submitted in stages, which will be compiled at the end of class into the Final System Report.  Review the outline of the Final System Report in the Stage 4 Assignment description.  Note that it contains the analysis of the problem(s) and requirements, and proposes what kind of a system solution is needed.  It does not propose a specific solution, but it does recommend why and how the organization should acquire the solution.

Following the Requirements Specification (Stage 2 assignment), the next step is to develop the System Design Specification.  The System Design Specification builds on the Requirements Specification to illustrate how the files/database(s) will be laid out, how the output (forms, reports, and/or screens) and input (forms and/or screens) should be designed.  As you develop this assignment, you should refer to your Stage 2 Requirements Specification (and the feedback you received) and use the inputs and outputs you listed to create the input and output layouts and the file/database design.

All of the information you need to complete the projects in this class is not provided in the case study.  In the discussion area of the classroom, there is a discussion titled “Case Study Interview Questions” where you can pose questions about the case study, as if you were interviewing the people in the case study organization.  Any information that you need that is not included in the case study should be asked about in this discussion.  Responses from the faculty member on behalf of the case study organization will be available for everyone in the class.    

Use the case study and the Case Study Interview Questions discussion, along with your Stage 2 Requirements Specification (including the feedback received), and resources below, to create a System Design Specification in the format shown below.  Include your corrected Stage 2 Requirements Specifications as the first part of this assignment.  Approximate lengths for each section of the Systems Design Specification are provided as a guideline; be sure to provide all pertinent information.  The sources of explanatory materials can be found in the Week 5 Content readings.

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