If You Were To Ask Jennifer And Her Father What The Main Problem Was In Running

If you were to ask Jennifer and her father what the main problem was in running their firm, their answer would be quick and short: hiring good people. Their company, Wash N’ Clean, started with 2 coin-operated laundromats requiring virtually no skilled help. Now, the company has six stores, each heavily dependent on skilled managers, cleaner/spotters, and pressers. Employees generally have no more than a high school education (often less), and the market for them is very competitive. Over a typical weekend, literally dozens of want ads for experienced pressers or cleaner/spotters can be found in area newspapers. All these people usually are paid around $15 per hour, and they change jobs frequently. Turnover in the Wash N’ Clean stores (as in the stores of many of their competitors) often approaches 400%! Jennifer and her father face the continuing task of recruiting and hiring qualified workers out of a pool of individuals that move from area to area and job to job. “Don’t talk to me about human resources planning” says Jennifer. “I’m happy just to be able to round up enough live applicants to be able to keep my stores fully manned.”

detail list of recommendations concerning how Wash N’ Clean should go about increasing their pool of acceptable job applicants and retaining the employees they currently have. Your recommendations should include at least one completely worded online and hard-copy advertisement and recommendations regarding any other recruiting strategies you would suggest.

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