If You Could Please Help With The Questions In The Picture Below Off Of The Data

B. Calculate the heat loss or heat gain of the 3 solution mixtures ((solution). Thencalculate the AH for each reaction. Show your calculations.C. Use Hess’s Law and your determination of AH for the first 2 reactions to determineAH for the third reaction: NH3 + HCL -> NH4CL.D. Compare the results of question “C” with the experimental results of the reaction:NH3 + HCL -> NH4Cl (calculate the percent error).E. Use the thermodynamic quantities given below to calculate the theoretical AH forthis reaction: NH3 + HCL -> NH4CI. AH f for NH3 (aq) = – 80.29 kJ/mol. AH f for HCL (aq) = – 167.2 kJ/mol. AH f for NH4+ (aq) = – 132.5 kJ/mol. AHof for Cl. (aq) = – 167.2 kJ/mol

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