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SPCH 219 Group Evaluation Form

Use this evaluation to evaluate you and your group members’ individual contributions to the group.  The categories are based on the 5 responsibilities for members of a small group as described on pages 369-372 of the textbook.  Please include a brief explanation for each responsibility as to why you selected the specific category.  The categories are:


Beginning: This category is for someone who still is in the early stages of becoming proficient with this responsibility and may not have met your expectations.


Accomplished: This category is for someone who has met all expectations for this responsibility.


Exemplary: This category is for someone who has exceeded your expectations for this responsibility.


Self Evaluation: Your name







Committing yourself to the goals of the group




Fulfilling individual assignments




Avoiding interpersonal conflicts




Encouraging full participation




Keeping the discussion on track




1.      How effectively did your group work?


 2.   Were the behaviors of any of your team members particularly valuable or detrimental to the team? Explain.



 3.   What did you learn about working in a group from this project that you will carry into your next group experience?


4.Give one specific example of something you learned from the team that you probably would not have learned working alone


5.Suggest at least one change the team could make could be made to improve its performance or the project


6Does the team have the resources (e.g., organization, communication, leadership, talents, time) to achieve its

goals? What additional resources are needed for real effectiveness?





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