get full participation W r i t i n g

get full participation W r i t i n g

1.Well for the current world situation with the coronavirus, the telephone survey may be an advantage for those who conduct the surveys because of the safety aspect. Some other advantages is that people are more likely to participate in the survey if it is in person. Conducting an in person interview is the best opportunity to gather as much details or information as possible. Some may feel safer by doing it over the phone because it may be a discouraged being talked to by law enforcement in some neighborhoods. A disadvantage is that it may be harder to describe a situation over the phone rather than in person. You may not get full participation from a person over the phone. A disadvantage may be that people do not like to talk to people about the police, so you may not gather any information. I think that victim surveys may be a good tool to collect data because we can identify several things from this survey. We can identify, what type of crimes occur, establish a timeline of when they typically occur, how often these crimes occur, and where they occur more often.

2. There are different types of survey can be done, the most popular way of the surveys is interviews and telephone surveys. Nothing is perfect and there are advantages and disadvantages of doing interviews and telephone survey. Telephone survey can be conduct if the interviewer are able to do it in a professional ways and skilled way. It is also one of the most cost effective ways to do a survey because it does not take much to do a phone survey. Besides it is one of the most cost effective way, it also can be done very quickly so it will not be as time consuming as other type of survey method. On the other hand, people are getting sick of being called sometimes, and it will affect the result of the survey which lead the validity of the survey. It can also be challenging because the questions must be short and precise so it will drain a lot of time of the interviewer. Victim survey can be effective and not effective at the same time, it is because those research are rarely done.

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