fourth paragraphs tell three important characteristics H u m a n i t i e s

fourth paragraphs tell three important characteristics H u m a n i t i e s

Follow these instructions word by word.


  • Read the directions carefully.
  • Follow the directions exactly.
  • Use your own words. Do NOT use a translator. Think and write in English.

You have read and listened to information about heroes in folktales and in the movies. You have learned about the characteristics of these fictional heroes.

Now you are going to think about real people who are heroes.

Who is one person that you know or have known who is a role model for you? How does this person inspire and encourage you?

Who is your real life hero?

In my case, I am a mom and my mom is my hero and my role model! Please write about this!

Write a five paragraph essay to answer the question.

  • Correctly use adverb clauses and transitions to show the relationship between the ideas in your sentences.
  • Correctly use present tense, past tense, present perfect tense and past perfect tense verbs.
  • Correctly use academic vocabulary.

Your essay will be graded on grammar, vocabulary and content.


1. In your first paragraph, introduce your hero. (Name, age, background, etc) Tell your relationship to your hero. Your hero should be a real person who is a part of your life. How long have you known him or her? How did you meet them? Are you still in contact with your hero?

2. 3. 4. In your second, third and fourth paragraphs tell three important characteristics of your hero. In each paragraph explain one characteristic and give specific examples of how your hero demonstrates this characteristic in his or her life. You must clearly describe your hero and show why they are a hero to you.

5. In your fifth paragraph, tell how your hero has positively influenced you Give specific examples about the ways your hero has affected your life in a positive way. You must clearly show how your hero has made you a better person.

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