For flovodoh only!!!!! 4 page double space essay due friday, dec 2nd


The essay must be at least 4 pages in length not including the work-cited page. You must use at least 5 sources from the class readings. You must include a strong thesis within introduction paragraph of your essay. 


Using the plays that we read in Baraka’s Four Black Revolutionary Plays (Black Mass, Madheart, Experimental Death Unit #1) Please analyze the concept of “whiteness”. What metaphors are used for “whiteness”? What are the metaphors and concepts related to “Blackness”? What is the meaning and interpretation held in regard to these metaphors and concepts? Using any of the critical theory or poetry read in class discuss why these plays are revolutionary or not? Please be through with your response.


Using any of the plays within Baraka’s Four Black Revolutionary Plays, Walker’s Every Day Use, The Child Who Favored Daughter and the essay The Negro Woman In American Literature discuss the depiction of women within each text. Is Baraka’s depiction idealized or realistic? Is Walker’s depiction accurate or acute? Are her depictions of Black men and Black women exaggerated or more true to form? Please be through with your response.

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