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Each student is to select one component from each of the tools (R, Python, and SQL Query) with which they will prepare a 15-page minimum (excluding cover page, citations, and exhibit section) written case analysis. The student will use APA 6.0 or 7.0, but not both, and submit in a single Word document. The report must include a one-page executive summary, a table of contents, and a section for exhibits.  The analysis is to provide an industry scenario in which the components will address one significant organizational issue. The report should suggest how to resolve the issue, based on the operational analytics concepts explored in this class. The student should prepare the report, in a professional manner, to present to Information Technology (IT) Governance with recommendations to address the issue.

The preparation of this report will require considerable time.  It is recommended that students complete as much individual research as possible. Additional information may be secured through journals, peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, etc.

Each student will submit the written case analysis in the assignment area of Moodle, as a Word document, by Thursday of the final week. 

APA component is as follows: Paragraphs are to be double-spaced. The font is to be Times New Roman and font size is to be 12. Minimum of six scholarly references and use of proper APA citations.

Your case analysis should include the following: 

  • Identify the most important facts surrounding the organization issue.
  • Identify the key components of the organization issue.
  • Specify a minimum of three courses of action in an effort to correct the organizational issue.
  • Evaluate each course of action.
  • Recommend the best course of action.
  • Provide analytical data to support your recommendation with exhibits such as charts, graphs, and plots.
  • Executive summary
  • Conclusion

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