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Assignment: Project Three, Argument For Project Three, you will write a researched argument paper. This means you will choose a controversial issue, take a position, and try to convince your audience to accept (or at least consider) the validity of your argument. Topics for this assignment do not need pre approval, but if you want to get an okay from the instructor for your own peace of mind, email before 5 PM on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. DO NOT use the following topics: abortion, anything based in religion (ie, prayer in schools, freedom from religion, etc.), or gun control. DO use very specific topics. “Smoking” is broad and says nothing. “Should smokers be allowed to be on lung transplant lists?” is a solid topic (the research on this might surprise you – it surprised me!) Essay must be 5-6 pages in length, plus a works cited page (5 sources minimum.) All papers must be double-spaced, typed, one inch margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font, and in MLA format. Papers will be submitted electronically.


These instructions must be followed very carefully. Meeting all the required formats, etc. Pricing can be discussed. So basically the assingment is doing a 5-6 page argumenative essay on “Whether Cigarettes should be Legal or Not”

and the essay is persuading the audience to have them made illegal. A work cited must be included with at least five sources. 

Serious inquiries only please. I will be needing someone who has a lot of experience; since my professor is very strict with their grading. 

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