Education module 5 assignment | him2472 | Miami-Dade College

Assignment Instructions 

  1. Click on the attached file above to download. This assignment consists of chapters 13-15.
  2. View the course calender (under the Tools & Resources section) for the assignment due date.
  3. Complete your assignment in MS Word and save it to your computer. Your assignment must be typed.
  4. Upload your assignment by clicking on “Browse My Computer” for Attach File. No work will be accepted outside of the dropbox unless arranged with the professor.
  5. Failure to follow any or all of these instructions may result in a 5 point reduction in your grade.

One point will be awarded for each correct answer and grades will be given as a percentage.

Please note: No Late Assignments will be accepted. All assignments have a two-day grace period allowing for submissions without penalty after syllabus due date!

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