Edc 316 social foundations field experience paper the school is p.s.

 EDC 316 Social Foundations Field Experience Paper The school is P.S. 45 in Staten Island, NY. This is the DOE website with all the data information, just need to answer all questions in a paper. This assignment asks you to synthesize data from several sources to make sense of the diversities in the school where you observed. In so doing, your paper should make an argument about the way that observed diversities could affect students′ learning opportunities. Your paper should consist of three major sections, to be addressed as follows: I. Community and School Data: a. What neighborhood/community do the students who attend this school come from? What does the census data tell you about this community? b. Who goes to this school? What are some important characteristics that describe the school population? How have students from this school performed on the state tests? II. Differences that make a difference: a. In the whole school, how did some of the diversities we have discussed (i.e., gender, social class, race, English language learners, special needs students) seem to correlate with students′ achievement (as measured by test scores?) b. What differences or diversities that we examined in class (i.e., gender, social class,race, English language learners, special needs students) did you observe to be present in the classroom? Use your field notes for evidence. c. Could you see and describe ways these diversities are (or are not) addressed by the school? The teacher? Did you see any evidence that some seemed to ″lose out”? III. Explain how some of the differences you observed might be expected to affect students′ learning opportunities. Draw on class texts, discussions, and materials. In other words, what does the research literature tell us about how these particular group memberships might influence students’ education? Keep in mind: a good essay will… have an introduction that clearly states your position or thesis include discussion of the above questions, which defends your position with evidence end with a conclusion. Use and cite your notes and class readings to support your thesis include field notes, with relevant sections highlighted, when you hand in your paper NOT copy passages from the text to state a point, but use your own words attend to grammar and spelling – check your work carefully BEFORE handing in. Use MLA style citation correctly be 6-8 typed pages (1500-2000 words), in 12 point font with 1” margins o demonstrate college level writing skills. 

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