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Week Ten Discussion


In recognition of the fact that many members of the class work in an educational setting, and everyone in the class needs to cognizant of their own biases and understand the perceptions of others, I am having you watch the video Anatomy of Prejudice: Jane Elliott’s Seminar on Race. Please plan your time accordingly, as the video is 49 minutes in length. You may click on the link provided below.

The initial 400 word post is due by Wednesday at 9:00 pm


Please answer the following questions:


1. Describe your physical reaction to watching this video. What emotions did you experience? Describe your feelings. 


2. What do you think of Jane Elliott’s method for illustrating the forces of racism? Was it an effective way to bring the issue to light? Why or why not?


3. Identify two things you learned from this video. Discuss how you can apply each one to either a classroom or a clinical setting. In other words, identify three things you learned from this video that you can apply to your profession. You may approach this from any perspective you wish.

Please number your responses.


I need 2 pages coveing all the questions.


The video link:

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