Discuss frank lloyd wright | Architecture and Design homework help

Watch the two videos: 

1. “Frank Lloyd Wright | HOW TO SEE Galesburg Country Homes with Michael Desmond”

2. “Wingspread HF Johnson House by Frank Lloyd Wright”

And review the section on “Spatial Organizations” (Pages 195-238) in the ARCHITECTURE: FORM, SPACE, & ORDER pdf book.

Discuss what type of organizational “balance” is the Herbert F. Johnson House (Wingspread), Wind Point, Wisconsin, 1937, Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Use photos in your discussion to explain. 

Your posts in the discussion area should exhibit careful thought and logical reasoning and provide evidence for your position. Each post should be at least one well-developed paragraph (approximately 100 words or more). Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The discussions must be completed by the due dates specified on the syllabus. Please read and reply to the posts of at least two other students for each discussion. Your replies should offer new substantiated ideas or thoughtful questions.

and reply for 2 students 

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