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Assignment: To determine your nutrition status you are asked to keep track of your diet for four days. You can track more than this if you would like a deeper analysis. You are then going to compare your intake to the recommendations called Dietary Reference Intakes or DRIs for the three macronutrients and water intake. 


In MyFitnessPal, once you set up a brief profile, click on Food Intake to begin adding your foods.

You will recall all the foods and beverages you consume during four days. The days do not need to be consecutive, and one of the recall days should be on a weekend day. Be sure to accurately estimate the quantities of each food.  Enter all the foods and beverages as best you can into the tracker. 

A copy of DRI, dietary reference intake, or what is recommended for your age, sex, and weight appropriate for your age and gender accompanies this intake, and this is what you will compare your intake to.  You are comparing what you actually eat to what is recommended for you to be eating. It is not necessary to meet 100% of each DRI every day.  Your finished reflection will be a comparison of your intakes to the recommendations. While the pie charts and graphs are meaningful to you, you are using the results of the comparison between the DRI and YOUR intakes for your summary. 

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