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Part A: 

Q1.1.  Write two examples of information that can be extracted from a geotechnical report. If you have not seen a geotechnical report before, you can do a search online. Here is one example: Geotechnical Report Sample. Please share any prior experience you may have had with interpreting a geotechnical report.  What information did you extract from the report?

Q1.2. In geotechnical reports, when fat clay (CH) is found in the subsurface explorations, geotechnical engineers provide some notes to the structural engineers and contractors to be careful when basing the design on this soil and performing excavation. Check the sample geotechnical report provided above for the notes about the fat clay. Fat clay has the potential for volumetric changes due to changes in moisture conditions and tends to swell when wet and shrink when dry. Its bearing capacity goes down when it gets wet. Watch this youtube video about the destructive impact of the fat clay on US 36 highway that happened in July 2019.

Write a paragraph and discuss how fat clay can adversely affect a project and how the effects can be controlled. Think from both the design and construction point of view. You can give specific examples like how it affects the foundation systems, retaining walls, and the excavation process.

Part B: 

Q2.1. Please share any prior experience you may have had with soil excavation processes. Answer these questions to the best of your knowledge. a) What were dominant the soil types? b) What was the water table condition? c) What type of excavation support system (if any) was installed?

Q2.2. Assume you are a project manager of a construction project that requires a deep cut. The project is located in a dense urban area. What challenges could you have to perform excavation? What type of excavation support systems should be considered? Explain.

Part C: 

Q3.1. Please share any prior experience you may have had with foundation placement. What was the foundation type? Provide some details about your project’s foundation system.

Q3.2. Under what conditions are deep foundations preferred over shallow foundations? Explain.

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