Compounds are insoluble in water

1.Which of the following compounds are insoluble in water?
PbSO4 ,Be(OH)2 ,Mg(NO3)2 ,AlPO4 ,NH4I ,All are insoluble

2.What is the percent-by-mass, %(m/m), concentration of Na2SO4 in a solution made by dissolving 15.8 g of Na2SO4 in enough water to give 87.1 g of total solution?

3.How many grams of glucose (C6H12O6) are there in 257.15 mL of a 21.68 %(m/v) glucose-water solution?

4.What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 15.07 g of HCl in enough water to make 920.72 mL of solution?

5.How many milliliters of a 1.30 M KOH solution would be needed to provide 6.06 g of KOH to a chemical reaction?

6.What is the osmolarity of a solution containing 0.3 M Ca(NO3)2 and 0.1 M Sucrose?

7.What is the osmolarity of a solution containing 0.1 M NaNO3 and 0.2 M NaCl?

8.What is the molarity of the solution prepared by diluting 49.5 mL of 2.09 M AgNO3 to the final volume 82.6 mL? Calculate your final answer to 2 decimal places. 

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