Case study seven: walmart juggles risks and rewards cover model


1.) First, please read Chapter Five: Ethical Decision Making in your textbook. Then, read the Cover Model Student Materials handout. Finally, carefully read Case Study Seven: Walmart Juggles Risks and Rewards (pg. 398-411 in your textbook).

2.) For this project, you are going to practice with the Cover Model decision making model and use it to help analyze the Walmart case study. You must do a separate Cover Model analysis for three of each of the primary ethical issues in the case study. You may choose your three issues from the following list:

a. Effects on Competitive Stakeholders

b. Relationships with Supplier Stakeholders

c. Ethical Issues Involving Employee Stakeholders

d. Ethical Leadership Issues

e. The Bribery Scandal

f. Safety Issues

3.) For this project, you must utilize the Cover Model to analyze each of the three ethical issues you chose. A complete analysis would address Facts, Issues, Alternatives, and Stakeholders followed by Codes, Outcomes, Values, Editorial, and Rules in this order for each ethical issue. A complete analysis will also come to a preliminary conclusion with suggestions for how Walmart can prevent such ethical issues from occurring in the future. You would then repeat this analysis two more times, so that there is a complete FIAS COVER analysis for each of the three ethical issues you chose.

4.) This analysis should be written in paragraph form with proper spelling, grammar, etc. Projects must be typed, double-spaced, in size twelve times new roman font or similar. Projects should contain sub-divided sections of analysis for FIAS COVER for each of the three ethical issues. A minimum of one paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) is required for each of these sections. For example, for ethical issue #1 Effects on Competitive Stakeholders, you would need to write a minimum of one paragraph for Facts, one paragraph for Issues, and so on. Then, you would repeat the process for the remaining two issues. Students may include charts, graphs, etc. if they are helpful to the analysis, however such materials are not required.

5.) Projects should be presented in an approximation of APA format. Students may conduct outside research for this project, however such research is not necessary. If outside research is conducted, please provide an APA format compliant references page with your project.

6.) Projects should be a minimum of four pages in length (of actual content, not supplemental pages). There is no maximum page length for this project.

7.) There is no specific rubric for this project, however it will be graded objectively on how well you utilize the Cover Model to analyze each of your ethical issues, as well as the completeness of your analysis. Different students will come to different conclusions regarding the ethical nature of Walmart’s actions, and as such, this subjective component will not be graded.

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