Case study: corporate entrepreneurship and innovation at google

CASE STUDY: Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Google 


Analyze the case study based on the questions given below. As in earlier weeks, this case study assignment is also tightly integrated with the readings for this and previous weeks. You will need to acquire a good understanding of key ideas from the readings before starting to analyze the case study.


Case Analysis Questions


1.  Should Google continue with projects like Project Loon and Google Fiber? If so, is its innovation model sufficient to foster innovation or should it change its approach to innovation? What steps should Google take to increase the confidence of analysts and investors in its innovation strategies?


2. As Google grows even bigger, what should it do to keep its entrepreneurial spirit alive in the company?


Please use at least 3 references.  You can use more.  I will post some links and attach information on references that you can use and you can add others if you would like.  Just make sure they are credible sources.  




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