Bus 365 creativity & innovation entire course material

BUS 365 Creativity & Innovation Entire Course Material



Innovation and the Workplace




Critique the level of innovation in your workplace; include a brief description of your organization and your position. Is innovation encouraged? Provide examples to demonstrate how innovation is encouraged or discouraged? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.




Explain the following statement: all innovation results in change, but not all change is innovative. What are the similarities and differences between change and innovation? Use the five core values of innovation in your explanation. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.




BUS 365 Week 1 Assignment  Hemp Technologies Innovation






BUS 365 Week 2






Technological Innovation




What recent (in the last few years) technological innovation has made the greatest impact on your life? Why?




Market Changes and Innovation




Think about an industry in which you are currently working or have recently worked.  What was the single most important innovation to occur during its lifespan? Describe how your organization, as well as other organizations in the industry, reacted to the innovation.




BUS 365 Week 2 Assignment Government Sponsored Innovation


Bus 365 Week 3


Innovation Barriers




Identify three external barriers to innovation. Recommend two actions (on either a governmental or company level) to reduce the identified barriers.




The U.S. and Innovation




During most of the 20th Century, the United States was clearly recognized as an innovation leader with an emphasis on technological innovation. Has that changed in the 21st Century? Have other countries begun to overtake the US and wrest control of the technology leadership mantle? What factors could have influenced this shift if you think it exists? If you don’t think a technology shift has occurred, explain why you think that is the case. What policy change would you recommend to President Obama that would allow the US to retain/retake technology leadership into the next decade and beyond?




BUS 365 Week 3 Assignment






BUS 365 Week 4




Blue Ocean Thinking




Visit and explore the Blue Ocean Strategy home page. Think of an industry: in what ways has or could Blue Ocean thinking change that industry? Provide examples.




Role of Technology




How can the use of technological advancements enhance the innovation process in the global environment?




BUS 365 Week 4 Assignment WikiCell




BUS 365 Week 5




Creative Education Solutions




How can we build a primary/secondary education system in the USA that broadly prepares young people to operate in a creative, high technology society? How do we prepare citizens to be information literate and life-long learners at the same time? Use principles from the text and other sources to prepare your recommendations.




This is Your Chance to be an Education Innovator




Using what you have learned so far, what recommendations could you make to a “panel of education experts” on how math and science education could be improved? What would you recommend to make math and science more inclusive of women and minorities? How could we make math and science careers more inviting to more people? Use principles from the text and other sources to prepare your recommendations



BUS 365 Week 5 Final Assignment Personal Creativity How Creative Am i ?

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