Machine learning – develop a model to measure media bias in news

 1. Develop a machine learning model to measure the political bias in News articles by different media houses  ( References  )  2. Complete working source code in Python ( Preferably should be able to  run the code in Local Machine, otherwise any cloud solution is also  fine)  3. Complete instructions to […]

Week 1 discussion managerial eco and glob

In Chapter 5 of Managerial Economics, Froeb discusses post-investment holdup as a sunk cost problem associated with contract-specific fixed investments. The modern theory of contracts is sometimes called the theory of joining wills, which simply means when parties make an agreement they are joining together to complete an endeavor of mutual interest. The problem with […]

**for kim woods only**questions for statistics for social science

Hello Ms. Woods,  I know its been a while I am back in class after taking a break in semesters. I have questions to answer for Statistics of social Science would appreciate if you could give me a hand in completing for me. Thanks please let me know if additional information is needed.      […]

Ol 211 milestones | Human Resource Management homework help

      OL 211 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric   Many businesses and organizations large enough to require human resource management (HRM) will need someone that not only understands core human resource (HR) responsibilities, but also understands the vision and mission of the organization.   To align the core HR requirements of an organization with its […]

7a: hair classification: all you need to be able to know

  The hair weaving industry and extension is a new one and may make women feel uncomfortable when they discover it. Therefore, 7A hair may be confusing for a lot of people. This is for which Ivirgo Hair Vendors wrote this article. We’ll assist you in analyzing the hair grade 7A and everything that goes […]

Critical reading analysis | English homework help

ACTIVITY’S GOAL A Critical Reading Analysis (CRA) aims at scaffolding for an author’s main concepts, and de-constructing some of his/her ideas or arguments. While this intellectual task is critical for a clear understanding of the concepts advanced by an author, it will serve as a springboard into more in-depth discussions of the chapter’s content and […]

3-1 module three journal: communicating with others

Prompt Although we would like to think that we always communicate effectively with those around us, the reality is that often the things we say, the way we say them, and the nonverbal cues we give end up creating communication barriers with others. Sometimes this results in a communication breakdown. In this journal, you will […]

Week 5 health disparities | Nursing homework help

Week 5: Health Disparities General Poverty 1. Play Spent Activity: The Urban Ministries of Durham have a great online poverty simulation that goes through a month in the life of a person living in poverty. To access the simulation, click this link:   Summarize your experience with this simulation activity Did you have money left […]

Discussion: diodes and bipolar junctions

 Diodes and transistors are critical components in analog electronics.   Specialty diodes are designed to perform very specific functions and can  be used to allow many useful electronic devices to perform the  functions they are designed.  While the Bipolar junction is usually  associated with amplifiers, it can also be applied to other  applications.    Answer the […]

Human behaviour in organization-week 2 assignment

  PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT: To acquaint you with common behavioral analysis tools by using them to break down and view your organization in smaller elements and discover how each element can influence you individually and your organization as a whole.  Read through this assignment(Work Place Analysis 2 Doc-Attached), then read the assigned articles and watch […]