becoming increasingly popular among companies W r i t i n g

becoming increasingly popular among companies W r i t i n g

For this quiz, please do the following:

Congratulations! You have been appointed the new Chief Ethics Officer of your business! (Check out this site (Links to an external site.) to see what an Ethics Officer does! Or this site (Links to an external site.) to learn about the rise of Ethics Officers!)

You’ve been doing research into sustainability and sustainability reporting. You have a meeting scheduled with top management coming up, and you’d like to persuade management that a sustainability report will be good for business.

Articles to read:

After reading the reports you’ve received from your staff, you thought you’d give it a try to show them how it’s done. You’ve set yourself an intention in preparing your “elevator pitch (Links to an external site.)“**:

  1. Write one paragraph explaining your interpretation of the “triple-bottom line” or “ESG” (or whatever term appeals most to you). You plan to include a short discussion on whether industry has a responsibility to tackle sustainability issues, or whether you feel it should be government regulated. (Consider the BlackRock article above.)
  2. Write one to two paragraphs explaining that sustainability reports are becoming increasingly popular among companies, and giving examples of what the business might include in the sustainability report (you noticed that at the website Sustainability Reports (Links to an external site.) there were real reports available to review, so you thought you’d take a look at a few to get an idea). You also want to discuss why shareholders and stakeholders alike would benefit from filing such a report.

Remembering the other reports you’ve read recently, you want to make sure your brief report is succinct, factually correct, and contains non-biased information. (As well as contains proper spelling, grammar, etc.) You also want to make sure you are not “data-dumping.” You want to respect management’s time and intelligence. If they can find it word for word on the internet, then it shouldn’t be in your report. They can Google it on their own while you are giving your pitch. 😉

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