American lit. – critical reading – five stories

Read the Story by Mark Twain (The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County) and Complete Steps 1-6.


1. Illustrate in a 2-3 page paper the ways specific defining elements of realism and/or naturalism manifest themselves in Mark Twain’s short story. As you write, please consider steps 2-5 below.

2. Draw on the characteristics of realism and naturalism that you read in Week 01 in the “Introduction” to The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume C.

3. Use information and/or definitions from at least two additional researched sources of your choice as you set out to identify traces of realism and/or naturalism in Mark Twain’s story.

4. Remember to cite all sources in-text, in correct APA style, as well as to add an APA style reference page.

5. Revise your essay to make it as coherent and effective as possible.

6. Edit and proofread carefully before turning in your work.


Attached is the Story by Mark Twain.

Also attached is The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume C, if it is needed. 

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